Posted by: torontocondo | January 28, 2013

New Low-Rise Home Supply Decreasing In Greater Toronto Area

New Toronto Low-Rise Home Supply Decreasing With Average Prices Increasing

The supply of new low-rise Homes has decreased by 52 per cent in just a short 48 months.With a lack of new home product the average Home price has increased by 44 per cent as a result of the governments intensification polices.

According to Realnet Canada the average price of homes on the rise (Condos) is flattening, while the average price of the homes in less supply (Low-rise) is rising.

Toronto Condominiums aside, attention should also be paid to the diminishing low-rise Home market in Toronto and area.

New Toronto Condos sold in 2012 represented $9 Billion in total, the fourth-highest year on record for Condominium sales.

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